Log in above with your AccessNet username and password to access all TUsafesend features.

If you do not have an AccessNet account, you can access the following functions:

Drop-off (upload) a file for a Temple TUsafesend user (email verification required).
Pick-up (download) a file dropped-off for you.

How to use TUsafesend

TUsafesend is a resource that makes it easy to securely send and receive files from within and outside the University. Note that files are automatically deleted from TUsafesend 14 days after you upload them, so you don't have to manually clean up. To get started:

For additional help, see the TUsafesend webpage. To see how TUsafesend works, you can also preview a short video on your PC or Mac or on your iPad. If you need further assistance with using TUsafesend, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at TUhelp or 215-204-8000.